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About Us

Our goal is to inspire young Chassidic men and women by providing them with necessary guidance and tools to succeed in their marriage, career and personal lives

Our Mission

The objective of Chassidic Life is to provide compelling and relevant educational guidance for young Chassidic men and women as they begin their transition into married life.

As these pioneers of the next generation complete their schooling and embark on their journey, it's imperative that we continue to educate, inspire and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed in life.

Our programs include informative and honest conversations about the joys and difficulties of navigating through life with live streamed presentations and Q&A sessions from renowned experts.

This initiative has been inspired and created in loving memory of Mrs. Rochel Heber A”H, a shadchan that merited to make hundreds of shidduchim.

This initiative is endorsed by highly respected Chassidishe Rabbanim and Mashpiim.



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